63411 Western Fisher Truck Side Power & Ground 2 Pin Cable for Isolation Module Wiring System Aftermarket


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This is a Vehicle Side 2 Pin 64" Power Ground Isolation cable that runs from the Motor relay out to Plow Side cable 21294

This is ONLY used on the 3 plug plows. There is an extra ground wire coming out of the harness at the battery terminal to connect to the control harness with a bullet connector. 

If you need more length a 4Ft extension is available, part number 68523.

If you have the old 2 plug wiring (Relay Style), you need part # 61169 for straight blade plows and power cable # 66623 for the 2 plug relay early V plow, MVP or EZ-V.

NOTE: 63411 will NOT work on new 2 plug Multiplex plows. If you have Newer Fisher Extreme V, Western MVP Plus, Blizzard Power Hitch II or Western, Fisher straight blades (2011 & Later) with only 2 plugs, you will need # 42014.

Don't forget to use dielectric grease to prevent plugs from corrosion (Not Included). 

Alternate Part Numbers: 63411, W63411, F63411, 1-W63411, 1-F63411