Western Fisher Snow Plow Power Ground Cable Plow & Truck Side 21294 61169


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Aftermarket Power Ground Cable 21294 Plow Side & 61169 Truck Side.

21294 Plow Side 2 Pin 32" Power Ground Cable that mounts on the pump. Can be used with either the relay or isolation wiring on all straight blade plows.

61169 Vehicle Side 2 Pin 64" Power Ground Cable that runs from the Motor relay 56131K and ground side of battery out to Plow side cable 21294.

Note: This is for use on a relay system, if you have the Isolation system a 63411 is used in place of the 61169.

Don't forget to use dielectric grease to prevent plugs from corrosion (Not Included).

Alternate Part Numbers: 21294, W21294, F21294, 1-W21294, 1-F21294, 61169, W61169, 1-W61169, 1-F61169, 8274, 1-F8274.