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15632 - Meyer Dielectric Grease 2.7 Ounce - OEM


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This is a Genuine Meyer OE 15632 2.7 Ounce Tube of Dielectric Grease

Prevent your valuable system from the harsh elements of the winter with Meyer’s dielectric grease.

Meyer’s dielectric grease is specially formulated to coat and protect electrical connections from deteriorating elements such as salt and road grime. It is recommended to coat all electrical connections prior to winter and each time you re-connect to ensure optimal performance. It is very important to use this on your connections, as they push into these plugs that have small pins like the Plus mount, and MDII mount.

This will work on any brand. It is a inexpensive way to prevent having to replace your harness prematurely. It is very common to have to remove and replace a harness because the pins are corroded off from lack of maintenance.

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-M15632, 15632