15925C - Meyer A&B Solenoid Assembly Kit - OEM


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15925C - Meyer A&B Solenoid Assembly Kit - OEM is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

This is a Genuine Meyer OE 15925C A & B Solenoid Assembly Kit

These are the new style with the Deutsch connector. This is Coil #15916 and Cartridge valve #15917.

Used on the E58H, E61H, E68 Xpress, E88 Xpress, E78 and V68 Hydraulic Units.

This is the A solenoid on the E58H, E61H, E78, E68 and E88, the B solenoid on the E68 and E88, and Meyer calls it the "S1" on the V68.

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-M15925C, 15925C, 1-M15925, 15925C