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15959 - Meyer "B" Check Valve Kit E58H - OEM


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SKU: 1-M15959

This is a Genuine Meyer OE 15959 B Check Valve Kit

This Check Valve Fits: (early) E58H, E68, E78, E88 Units ONLY!!!!

This was a common failure part on the Xpress E88 (E68 too).

This replaces the original poor design in the E88 (with the O Ring that split, no more O ring).

How do you know if your E58H is an "early" model?

  1. IF it came yellow with no cover, it definitely is an early E58H.

  2. IF the (3) Coils on the unit are identical in size and shape, and are METAL, you have an early E58H unit.

  3. IF the Coils on your E58H are made of plastic, you have the most current version, and this part will NOT work for you.

Alternative Part Numbers: 1-M15959, 15959