21294 - Western or Fisher Power Cable 32" Plow Side Ground - OEM


This is a Genuine Wester/Fisher OE 21294 Power Cable 32 Inch Plow Side Ground

This is for the 2 pin power cables and mounts on the pump. It replaces old # 8245. This can be used with either the relay or isolation wiring on all straight blade plows. Can be used on Conventional, UniMount and UltraMount as the power and ground. 

If you are using on a relay wiring system, this plugs in the 61169 truck side battery cable.

If you are using the Isolation wiring system, this plugs in the 63411 truck side battery cable. 

Don't forget to use dielectric grease to prevent these plugs from corrosion. 

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-W21294, 1-F21294, 21294