28053 - Western Existing Plow Side Relay to Isolation Module - OEM


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This is a Genuine Western OE 28053 Snowplow-Side Conversion Kit, 3-Pin (straight blades)


If you are changing your truck over to a 3-plug system, this is the kit needed to make the plow match.

If you have a Unimount or an early Ultramount with the relay wiring and you are converting to Isolation Module, this is the plow side kit. This is two harnesses: 26347 plow light wiring and 26359 3 pin pump wiring. The power cable to the pump is the same.

NOTE: This kit is often used to change a Western Unimount over to the newer wiring. But if you have a Western Unimount that has the longer light brackets, the light harness that comes with kit will not reach and Western does not offer a harness that will reach. So you have 2 options: you either need to extend the harness, or else, the better option is to get the short light brackets. 63532 and 63533 are the top and bottom shorter light brackets, 2 of each would be needed.

Western switched from relay wiring, to 4-port wiring, to 3-port wiring and now Multiplex wiring.

NOTE: Western now has a Multiplex wiring system. If you have a 4-pin control instead of 6 and 2 grille plugs, instead of 3, this wiring will not work for you.

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-W28053, 28053