10313 - Filter Air Panel 7-1/4"L X 4-1/4"W X 1"H


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10313 - Filter Air Panel 7-1/4"L X 4-1/4"W X 1"H is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 10313 Panel Air Filter

LENGTH = 7-1/4"
WIDTH = 4-1/4"

Uses Prefilter, Click 10305


  • KAWASAKI: 11013-7017

  • OREGON: 30-057

  • STENS: 102-354

Fits Model

  • KAWASAKI: FH381V-AS01, FH381V-AS02, FH381V-AS03, FH381V-AS04, FH381V-AS06, FH381V-AS07, FH381V-AS08, FH381V-AS09, FH381V-AS12, FH381V-AW00, FH381V-BS01, FH381V-BS02, FH381V-BS03, FH381V-BS04, FH381V-BS06, FH381V-BS07, FH381V-BS08, FH381V-BS12, FH381V-CS01, FH381V-CS02, FH381V-CS03, FH381V-CS04, FH381V-CS06, FH381V-CS07, FH381V-CS08, FH381V-CS12, FH381V-DS01, FH381V-DS02, FH381V-DS03, FH381V-DS04, FH381V-DS06, FH381V-DS07, FH381V-DS12, FH381V-ES04, FH381V-ES07, FH381V-FS04, FH430V-AS01, FH430V-AS02, FH430V-AS03, FH430V-AS04, FH430V-AS05, FH430V-AS06, FH430V-AS07, FH430V-AS08, FH430V-AS09, FH430V-AS10, FH430V-AS11, FH430V-AS12, FH430V-AS13, FH430V-AS14, FH430V-AW00, FH430V-BS04, FH430V-BS05, FH430V-BS06, FH430V-BS07, FH430V-BS08, FH430V-BS10, FH430V-BS11, FH430V-BS12, FH430V-BS14, FH430V-CS01, FH430V-CS02, FH430V-CS03, FH430V-CS04, FH430V-CS05, FH430V-CS06, FH430V-CS08, FH430V-CS10, FH430V-CS11, FH430V-CS12, FH430V-DS01, FH430V-DS02, FH430V-DS03, FH430V-DS04, FH430V-DS06, FH430V-DS08, FH430V-DS11, FH430V-ES06