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11230 - Filter Air Paper 7-1/4"L X 3-3/8"W X 2-5/16"H


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The 11230 Paper Air Filter

WIDTH = 3-3/8"
LENGTH = 7-1/4"
OD = 2-5/16"

Uses Prefilter, Click 11205 


  • KAWASAKI: 11013-7031, 11013-7026

  • LASER: 93312

  • OREGON: 30-705

  • STENS: 102-370


  • KAWASAKI: FH 381V, 450V, 541V & 580V / 13, 15, 17 & (TTHP) 19KA, FH381V-AS20, FH381V-AS21, FH381V-AS22, FH381V-AS23, FH381V-AS25, FH381V-AS27, FH381V-AS28, FH381V-AS29, FH381V-AS30, FH381V-BS20, FH381V-BS21, FH381V-BS22, FH381V-BS23, FH381V-BS27, FH381V-BS28, FH381V-CS20, FH381V-CS21, FH381V-CS22, FH381V-CS23, FH381V-CS25, FH381V-CS27, FH381V-CS28, FH381V-DS20, FH381V-DS21, FH381V-DS22, FH381V-DS23, FH430V-AS20, FH430V-AS21, FH430V-AS22, FH430V-AS23, FH430V-AS24, FH430V-AS25, FH430V-AS26, FH430V-AS27, FH430V-AS28, FH430V-AS31, FH430V-AS33, FH430V-AS34, FH430V-AS35, FH430V-AS36, FH430V-AS38, FH430V-AS39, FH430V-AS40, FH430V-AS41, FH430V-BS21, FH430V-BS22, FH430V-BS23, FH430V-BS24, FH430V-BS25, FH430V-BS26, FH430V-BS27, FH430V-BS28, FH430V-BS31, FH430V-BS33, FH430V-BS34, FH430V-BS35, FH430V-BS36, FH430V-BS38, FH430V-CS20, FH430V-CS21, FH430V-CS22, FH430V-CS23, FH430V-CS24, FH430V-CS25, FH430V-CS26, FH430V-CS27, FH430V-CS28, FH430V-CS33, FH430V-DS20, FH430V-DS21, FH430V-DS22, FH430V-DS23, FH430V-DS24, FH430V-DS25, FH430V-DS26, FH430V-DS27, FH430V-DS28, FH430V-ES24, FH430V-ES28, FH480V-AS23, FH480V-AS24, FH480V-BS20, FH480V-BS21, FH480V-BS22, FH480V-BS23, FH480V-BS24, FH480V-CS20, FH480V-CS21, FH480V-CS22, FH480V-CS24, FH480V-DS20, FH480V-DS21, FH480V-DS24, FH541V-AS20, FH541V-AS21, FH541V-AS22, FH541V-AS23, FH541V-AS24, FH541V-AS25, FH541V-AS27, FH541V-AS28