11473 - Filter Air Panel 7-1/8" L X 6-7/8" W X 1-1-/4" H


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11473 - Filter Air Panel 7-1/8" L X 6-7/8" W X 1-1-/4" H is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 11473 Panel Air Filter

WIDTH = 6-7/8"
LENGTH = 7-1/4"
HEIGHT = 1-1/4"


  • OREGON: 30-443

  • STENS: 102-450

  • TECUMSEH: 37360

Fits Models:

  • TECUMSEH: OV691EA, OV691EP, TVT69, VTX691, OV691EA-600804C, OV691EA-600809C, OV691EA-600810C, OV691EA-600811C, OV691EA-600813C, OV691EA-600819D, OV691EA-600823D, OV691EA-600824C, OV691EA-600826C, OV691EA-600830C, OV691EA-600831C, OV691EA-600832C, OV691EA-600833D, OV691EP-600501A, OV691EP-600901B, OV691EP-600902B, OV691EP-600903B, OV691EP-600904B, OV691EP-600905B, OV691EP-600907B, OV691EP-600909B, OV691EP-600909C, OV691EP-600910B, OV691EP-600912B, OV691EP-600912C, OV691EP-600913C, OV691EP-600915C, OV691EP-600916C, OV691EP-600918C, OV691EP-600919C, OV691EP-600922C, TVT691-002F, TVT691-002J, TVT691-002K, TVT691-600000A, TVT691-600001A, TVT691-600002A, TVT691-600003A, TVT691-600004A, TVT691-600005A, TVT691-600006A, TVT691-600201A, TVT691-600202A, TVT691-600401A, TVT691-600402A, TVT691-600405A, TVT691-600405B, TVT691-600601A, TVT691-600803A, TVT691-600804A, TVT691-600804B, TVT691-600805A, TVT691-600806A, TVT691-600806B, TVT691-600809A, TVT691-600809B, TVT691-600810B, TVT691-600811A, TVT691-600811B, TVT691-600812B, TVT691-600814B, TVT691-600815B, TVT691-600816A, TVT691-600816B, TVT691-600817A, TVT691-600819B, TVT691-600820B, TVT691-600830C, VTX691-001A, VTX691-600901A, VTX691-600902A