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11482 - Belt Primary Drive MTD


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The 11482 Primary Drive Belt 5/8" x 91-1/2"


  • CUB CADET: 754-0467, 754-0467A, 954-0467, 954-0467A

  • MTD: 754-0467, 754-0467A, 954-0467, 954-0467A

  • OREGON: 75-995, 175-995

  • SEARS: 754-0467, 754-0467A, 954-0467, 954-0467A

  • STENS: 265-101

  • TORO: 112-0301

  • WRIGHT: 71460119

Fits Models

  • CUB CADET: 1016AF, 1018AG, 13RX90AR056

  • MTD: Auto Step Drive thru Tractors 199 & Newer, 13A2606G190, 13A2606G790, 13A2785S001, 13A278XS099, 13A278XS299, 13A6606H790, 13A878KT897, 13AA604F401, 13AB606H730, 13AD604G401, 13AD608G300, 13AD78XS099, 13AF607G352, 13AF608G062, 13AG601H729, 13AI607H019, 13AI607H088, 13AI607H098, 13AI607H118, 13AI608G129, 13AI608H026, 13AI608H062, 13AI608H129, 13AI608H131, 13AI608H352, 13AI609H131, 13AJ606G790, 13AJ608H131, 13AJ78SS099, 13AK604G401, 13AK608G009, 13AK608G013, 13AK608G033, 13AK608G062, 13AK608G129, 13AL605H057, 13AL606G730, 13AL608G300, 13AL608G731, 13AL78SS099, 13AL78SS299, 13AL78ST099, 13AL78ST299, 13AL78XT099, 13AL78XT299, 13AN601H729, 13AN607H352, 13AN608G129, 13AN785S001, 13AN785T055, 13AO785S058, 13AO785T055, 13AO785T058, 13AP605H755, 13AP606G190, 13AP606H790, 13AP608G129, 13AP60TP090, 13AP60TP290, 13AP616G597, 13AP616H597, 13AQ607H000, 13AQ608H129, 13AQ608H131, 13AQ608H729, 13AQ609G022, 13AQ609G033, 13AQ626P597, 13AR606P730, 13AR608G022, 13AR608P731, 13AR609G022, 13AS607H352, 13AS608G033, 13AS608H131, 13AS608H731, 13AT604G401, 13AT604G701, 13AT604G755, 13AT604H401, 13AT604H452, 13AT604H701, 13AT604H755, 13AT605G755, 13AT605H718, 13AT605H755, 13AT606H190, 13AT608H016, 13AU604H099, 13AU604H401, 13AU604H402, 13AU607H131, 13AU608H016, 13AU609H131, 13AV606G597, 13AV607H131, 13AV60GG897, 13AV616G597, 13AV90GS897, 13AV90KS897, 13AX604G099, 13AX604G401, 13AX604G402, 13AX604H401, 13AX605G755, 13AX605G790, 13AX605H730, 13AX78TS090, 13AX78TT090, 13AX90YT001, 13AZ608H131, 13BD604G401, 13BI608H129, 13BJ78SS099, 13BK608G062, 13BK608G129, 13BL78ST099, 13BL78ST299, 13BP605H755, 13BQ607H000, 13BR609G022, 13BS608H131, 13BT604G401, 13BT604G452, 13BT604H401, 13BT604H452, 13BT604H755, 13BX604G401, 13BX605G755, 13CS608H731, 13WX78TS090, 13WX78TT090, 14AG808H163, 14AG808H300, 14AG808H722, 14AI808H131, 14AI808H718, 14AI808H731, 14AP805K730, 14AQ808H129, 14AQ816H597, 14AQ816K597, 14AR807P131, 14AR808K131, 14AR808K731, 14AT808H129, 14AT808H300, 14AT808H722, 14AT808H731, 14AU804H401, 14AU807P352, 14AV804P401, 14AV807P131, 14AV808P016, 14AW804H401, 14AW804P401, 14AZ804P401, 14AZ808K131, 14BR808K731, 14BU804H401, 14CU804H401, 247.20372, 247.20373, 247.20374, 247.20375, 247.20377, 247.27402, 247.27432, 247.288841, 247.288842, 247.288843, 247.288851, 247.288852, 247.288853, 247.28886, 247.288861, 247.288862, 247.28904, 247.28919, CLT46CVT, M195-42, M19546, TM03212002, YT4218, YT542K

  • SEARS: 13A278XS099, 13A278XS299, 13AD78XS099, 13AJ78SS099, 13AL78SS099, 13AL78SS299, 13AL78ST099, 13AL78ST299, 13AL78XT099, 13AL78XT299, 13AU604H099, 13AX604G099, 13BJ78SS099, 13BL78ST099, 13BL78ST299

  • TORO: LX420, LX423, LX425, LX460, LX500

  • TROY BILT: LTX2146, SV530-3222, 13AJ609G766, 13WV78KS011

  • YARDMAN: 13A2785S001, 4P90JUB