12072 - Belt Deck Drive 125-1/2" Scag


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12072 - Belt Deck Drive 125-1/2" Scag is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 12072 Deck Drive Belt 5/8" x 125-1/2"

Wrapped, Aramid Cord Construction


  • OREGON: 75-645

  • SCAG: 483242

  • STENS: 265-870

Fits Models

  • SCAG: SMWC, STC, STC52V, STWC, SCZ48V-22FX, SCZ48V-23CV, SCZ48V-25CV, SCZ48V-26BS, SCZ48V-28BS, SCZ48V-691FX, SCZ52V-23FX, SCZ52V-25CV, SCZ52V-25CV-EFI, SCZ52V-26BS, SCZ52V-27CV, SCZ52V-28BS, SCZ52V-730FX, SMTC-48V, SMWC-52V, STC48V-22FS, STC48V-22FS-LE, STC48V-23CV, STC48V-25CV, STC48V-26BS, STC48V-27BS, STC48V-651FS, STC52V-22FX, STC52V-23BV, STC52V-23KA, STC52V-24FX, STC52V-24HN, STC52V-25CV, STC52V-25CV-EFI, STC52V-27CV, STC52V-691FX, STWC48V-25CV, STWC48V-26KA-LC, STWC52V-25KA, STWC52V-26FX, STWC52V-26KA-LC