12801 - Foam Air Filter 6-1/2" L X 4-1/2" W X 1-1/8" H


12801 - Foam Air Filter 6-1/2" L X 4-1/2" W X 1-1/8" H is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 12801 Foam Air Filter 

HEIGHT = 1-1/8"
WIDTH = 4-1/2"
LENGTH = 6-1/2"


  • HONDA: 17211-899-000, 1239300, CODE 1239300

  • LASER: 93337

  • OREGON: 30-963

  • STENS: 102-689

Fits Models-

  • HONDA: Generators: EB3000, EB3500, EB3800, EB4000, EB5000, EB6500, EMS4000, EMS4500, EM3000, EM3500, EM3800, EM4000, EM5000, EM6000, EM6500, EW140, EW17,  & Engines: GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390, 269 MODELS, EB3000 A, EB3500X A, EB3500XK1 AG/A, EB3500XK1 AG/B, EB3500XK1 AG/C, EB3800X A, EB3800X AC, EB3800X AN, EB4000 A, EB5000X A, EB5000XK1 AG/A, EB5000XK1 AG/B, EB5000XK1 AG/C, EB5000XK2 A, EB5000XK2 AC, EB5000XK2 ACH, EB5000XK2 AH, EB5000XK2 AN, EB5000XK2 ANH, EB6500SX A, EB6500SX A/A, EB6500X A, EB6500X AC, EB6500X ACH, EB6500X AH, EB6500X AN, EB6500X ANH, EB6500X AT, EG4000CL AT, EG5000CL AT, EG6500CL AT, EM3000 A, EM3500SX A, EM3500SXK1 A/A, EM3500SXK1 A/B, EM3500SXK1 A/C, EM3500X A, EM3800SX A, EM3800SX AC, EM3800SX AN, EM4000 A, EM5000SX A, EM5000SXK1 A/A, EM5000SXK1 A/B, EM5000SXK1 A/C, EM5000SXK2 A, EM5000SXK2 AC, EM5000SXK2 ACH, EM5000SXK2 AH, EM5000SXK2 AN, EM5000SXK2 ANH, EM5000X A, EM6000GP A, EM6000GP A/A, EM6500SXK1 A, EM6500SXK1 AC, EM6500SXK1 ACH, EM6500SXK1 AH, EM6500SXK1 AN, EM6500SXK1 ANH, EM6500SXK1 AT, EMS4000 A, EMS4500 A, EW140 A, EW170 A, EW171 A, EW171 AR, EW171K1 A, EW171K1 A/A, EX3300S A, EX3300SK1 A, EX3300SK1 A/A, EX3300SK1 A/B, EX4500S A, EX4500SK1 A, EX4500SK1 A/A, EX4500SK1 A/B, EXW171S A, GX240K1 ED2, GX240K1 ED2/A, GX240K1 EDN2, GX240K1 EDN2/A, GX240K1 EDS2, GX240K1 EDS2/A, GX240K1 EDT2, GX240K1 VMT2, GX240R1 VMT2, GX240R2 EDN2, GX240R2 EN2, GX240R2 VWS, GX240RT1 VMT2, GX240RT2 VMT2, GX240RT2 VWS, GX240U1 ED2, GX240U1 EDN2, GX240U1 EDS2, GX240U1 EDS6, GX240U1 EDT6, GX240U1 EN2, GX240U1 VMT2