12964 - Washable Panel Air Filter for B&S


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The 12964 Washable Air Filter

For the NON-Washable Filter, Click 10184

Uses Prefilter, Click 10304

Delivers up to 4 times the life of a standard paper element air filter.


  • BRIGGS & STRATTON: 5078, 5078D, 5078H, 5078K, 697153

  • OREGON: 30-122

  • STENS: 102-875


  • BRIGGS & STRATTON: 28, 30, 31 CID Engines, 28AH76-0113-E1, 28AH77-0112-E1, 28BH77-0115-E1, 28CH77-0036-E1, 28CH77-0110-E1, 28CH77-0111-E1, 28CH77-0112-E1, 31H777-0202-E1, 31H777-0202-E2, 31K777-0190-E1, 31M777-0101-E1, 31M777-0111-E1, 31M777-0112-E1, 31M777-0167-E1, 31M777-0215-E1, 31M777-0234-E1, 31M777-0234-E2, 31M777-0237-E2, 31M877-0110-E1, 31P977-0036-E1, 31P977-0036-G1, 31P977-0449-E1, 31P977-0575-E1, 31P977-0575-E2, 31P977-0635-E1, 31P977-0652-B1, 31P977-0670-E1, 31P977-0671-E1, 31P977-0881-B1, 31P977-1046-B1, 31P977-1066-E1, 31P977-1094-B1

  • CUB CADET: GT1500, LT1000, SLT1500