13049 - Air Filter 7-1/2" L X 4-1/2" W X 2" H


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13049 - Air Filter 7-1/2" L X 4-1/2" W X 2" H is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 13049 Air Filter 

WIDTH = 4-1/2"
LENGTH = 7-1/2"

Uses Prefilter, Click 9304


  • BRIGGS & STRATTON: 792101, 5408H, 671231, 672772, MIU11286

  • JOHN DEERE: MIU11286

  • LASER: 93330

  • OREGON: 30-139

  • STENS: 100-153, 100-788


  • BRIGGS & STRATTON: 44 CID OHV Twin Engines, 401577-0996-B1, 401577-1219-B1, 401577-2219-B1, 405577-0114-B1, 405577-0114-G1, 405577-0118-B1, 405577-0118-B2, 405577-0129-B1, 405577-0129-B2, 405577-0129-B3, 405577-0129-B4, 405577-0280-B1, 405577-0280-B2, 405577-0280-B5, 405577-0280-B6, 405577-0281-B1, 405577-0281-B2, 405577-0952-B1, 405577-0953-B1, 405577-1220-B1, 405577-2220-B1, 406777-0958-B1, 406777-1239-B1, 407777-0145-G1, 407777-0145-G2, 407777-0146-B1, 407777-0146-B2, 407777-0151-B1, 407777-0151-B2, 407777-0178-B1, 407777-0178-B2, 407777-0188-B1, 407777-0188-B2, 407777-0189-G1, 407777-0189-G2, 407777-0232-B1, 407777-0232-B2, 407777-0232-B3, 407777-0232-B4, 407777-0272-G1, 407777-0272-G2, 407777-0281-B1, 407777-0281-B2, 407777-0281-B5, 407777-0282-B1, 407777-0282-B2, 407777-0283-G1, 407777-0283-G5, 407777-0283-G6, 407777-0284-B1, 407777-0284-B2, 407777-0284-B5, 407777-0284-B6, 407777-0285-B1, 407777-0285-B2, 407777-4146-B1, 40F777-0100-B1, 40G777-0100-E1, 40G777-0101-B1, 40G777-0110-E1, 40G777-0111-B1, 40G777-0111-E1, 40G777-0112-B1, 40G777-0112-E1, 40G777-0114-B1, 40G777-0114-E1, 40G777-0115-B1, 40G777-0115-E1, 40G777-0116-B1, 40G777-0116-E1, 40G777-0181-E1, 40G777-0383-E1, 40H777-0100-B1, 441577-0113-E1, 441577-0113-E2, 441677-0112-B1, 441677-0112-E1, 441677-0113-B1, 441677-0113-E1, 441677-0113-E2, 441677-0131-B1, 441677-0131-E1, 441677-0131-E2, 441677-0143-B1, 441677-0143-B2, 441777-0116-B1, 441777-0116-E1, 441777-0116-E2, 441777-0129-B1, 441777-0130-B1, 441777-0722-E1, 445577-0110-B1, 445577-0110-E1, 445577-0110-E2, 445577-0120-B1, 445577-0120-E1, 445577-0121-B1, 445577-0121-E1, 445577-0122-B1, 445577-0122-E1, 445577-0123-B1, 445577-0124-G1, 445577-0140-B1, 445577-0557-B1, 445577-0723-B1, 445577-0723-E1, 445577-0819-B1, 445577-0864-B1, 445577-0864-E1, 445577-1221-B1, 445577-1318-B1, 445577-1582-G5, 445577-2221-B1, 445777-0264-E1, 445777-0264-E2, 445777-0539-E1, 445777-0560-E1, 445777-0594-E1, 445877-0100-B1, 445877-0130-B1, 445877-0130-E1, 445877-0130-E2, 445877-0569-B1, 445877-0569-E1, 445877-0672-B1, 445877-1105-B1, 445877-2672-G5, 445977-1092-B1, 446677-0127-B1, 446877-0121-E1

  • Intek Air Filter - engines 16 - 27 Gross HP/CV V-Twin