1408302S - Kohler OEM Prefilter


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The 1408302S Kohler OEM Pre-Cleaner

For Another Prefilter Option, Click 7979

Used with Filters, Click 7980 


  • KOHLER: 14-083-02-S, 1408302S, 14 083 02-S

  • OREGON: 30-190

  • STENS: 055-784, 100-378


  • KOHLER: Courage XT Series, XT149-0011, XT149-0012, XT149-0036, XT149-0201, XT149-0202, XT149-0203, XT149-0211, XT149-0212, XT149-0213, XT149-0218, XT149-0219, XT149-0221, XT149-0224, XT173-0042, XT173-0044, XT173-0064, XT173-0098, XT173-0106, XT173-0108, XT173-0201, XT173-0212, XT173-0213, XT173-0218, XT173-0219, XT173-0220, XT173-0232, XT173-0243, XT173-0246, XT173-0247, XT173-3206, XT173-3233, XT173-3234, XT173-3318, XT675-0005, XT675-0013, XT675-0021, XT675-0022, XT675-0026, XT675-2046, XT675-3031, XT675-3052, XT775-2015, XT775-2020, XT775-3016, XT775-3019, XT775-3023, XT775-3024, XT775-3027, XT775-3035, XT775-3041, XT775-3060, XT800-0030, XT800-0031, XT800-0032, XT800-0033, XT800-1023, XT800-1024, XT800-1025, XT800-1026, XT800-1027, XT800-1028, XT800-2022, XT800-2029, XT800-2052, XT800-3040, XT800-3065, XT800-3069, XT800-3070, XT800-3078, XT800-3079, XT800-3082, XT800-3086