15368 - Paper Cartridge Air Filter


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The 15368 Paper Cartridge Air Filter

ID = 1-5/8"
HEIGHT = 4-3/8"
OD = 3"

For the Kohler OE Version, 1708323S

Uses 1708315-S Element, Foam Pre-Cleaner


  • KOHLER: 17-083-03-S, 17-083-21-S, 17-083-23-S, 17-883-01-S1, 17 083 03S (Black), 1708321S, 1708323S, 1788301S, 17 083 04-S, 17 083 07-S, 17 083 07S, 1708307S, 1708312S

  • STENS: 055-798, 102-918

Fits Models

  • KOHLER: CH395, CH440, CH260-0011, CH260-0012, CH260-0101, CH260-0102, CH260-1011, CH260-1012, CH260-1101, CH260-1102, CH270-0011, CH270-0013, CH270-0014, CH270-0015, CH270-0016, CH270-0021, CH270-0025, CH270-0031, CH270-0035, CH270-0101, CH270-0102, CH270-0103, CH270-0104, CH270-0106, CH270-0107, CH270-0108, CH270-0109, CH270-0110, CH270-0111, CH270-0112, CH270-0113, CH270-0114, CH270-0115, CH270-0116, CH270-0120, CH270-1011, CH270-1012, CH270-1013, CH270-1017, CH270-3011, CH270-3012, CH270-3013, CH270-3014, CH270-3016, CH270-3017, CH270-3018, CH270-3019, CH270-3021, CH270-3031, CH270-3032, CH270-3033, CH270-3038, CH270-3105, CH270-3118, CH270-3119, CH270-3120