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15430 - Filter & Prefilter Combo 5" - 4-3/8" OD X 4" - 2-3/4" ID X 1-3/4" H


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The 15430 Filter & Prefilter 

OD = 5 x 4-3/8"
HEIGHT = 1-3/4"
ID = 4 x 2-3/4"

Contains Filter, Click 11505 & Prefilter, Click 7726


  • ARIENS: 21542700

  • KOHLER: 3288303S1, 32 083 03-S, 32 883 03, 32 883 03-S1, 32-883-03-S1

  • OREGON: 30-130

  • STENS: 100-807, 100-774, 055-265

Fits Models

  • CUB CADET: GT1500, LT1000, SLT1500

  • KOHLER: SV710-SV740, SV710-0001, SV710-0002, SV710-0010, SV710-0011, SV710-0012, SV710-0013, SV710-0014, SV710-0015, SV710-0016, SV710-0017, SV710-0018, SV710-0019, SV710-0020, SV710-0021, SV710-0022, SV710-0025, SV710-0026, SV710-0027, SV710-0028, SV710-0031, SV710-0033, SV710-0034, SV710-0035, SV710-3002, SV710-3015, SV710-3020, SV710-3021, SV710-3022, SV710-3025, SV710-3026, SV710-3027, SV710-3029, SV710-3030, SV710-3031, SV710-3033, SV710-3034, SV710-3035, SV710-3037, SV710-3038, SV710-3039, SV710-3040, SV710-3041, SV710-3042, SV715-0001, SV715-0002, SV715-0010, SV715-0011, SV715-0013, SV715-0015, SV715-0016, SV715-0017, SV715-0018, SV715-0019, SV715-0020, SV715-0023, SV715-0024, SV715-0026, SV715-0027, SV715-0028, SV715-3001, SV715-3002, SV715-3010, SV715-3011, SV715-3017, SV715-3023, SV715-3024, SV715-3025, SV715-3026, SV715-3027, SV715-3028, SV715-3031, SV715-3032, SV715-3033, SV715-3034, SV715-3036, SV720-0001, SV720-0002, SV720-0010, SV720-0011, SV720-0012, SV720-0013, SV720-0014, SV720-0015, SV720-0016, SV720-0017, SV720-0018, SV720-0019, SV720-0020, SV720-0021, SV720-0022, SV720-0023, SV720-0024, SV720-0025, SV720-0026, SV720-0029, SV720-0031, SV720-0032, SV720-0035, SV720-0036, SV720-0039, SV720-0040, SV720-0042, SV720-0045, SV720-3001, SV720-3002, SV720-3022, SV720-3023, SV720-3024, SV720-3029, SV720-3031, SV720-3032, SV720-3035, SV720-3036, SV720-3037, SV720-3038, SV720-3039, SV720-3040, SV720-3042, SV720-3044, SV720-3045, SV720-3046, SV720-3047, SV720-3048, SV720-3049, SV720-3050, SV720-3051, SV720-3053, SV725-0001, SV725-0002, SV725-0010, SV725-0011, SV725-0013, SV725-0014, SV725-0015, SV725-0016, SV725-0017, SV725-0018, SV725-3001, SV725-3002, SV725-3013, SV725-3014, SV725-3015, SV725-3016, SV725-3017, SV725-3018, SV725-3021, SV725-3022, SV725-3023, SV725-3024, SV725-3025, SV725-3026, SV725-3027, SV725-3028, SV725-3029, SV725-3030, SV730-0001, SV730-0002, SV730-0010, SV730-0011, SV730-0012, SV730-0013, SV730-0014, SV730-0015, SV730-0016, SV730-0017, SV730-0018, SV730-0020, SV730-0022, SV730-0023, SV730-0024, SV730-0025, SV730-0026, SV730-0027, SV730-0028, SV730-0029, SV730-0030, SV730-0031, SV730-0033, SV730-0034, SV730-0036, SV730-0037, SV730-0038, SV730-0039, SV730-0040, SV730-3001, SV730-3002, SV730-3022, SV730-3023, SV730-3024, SV730-3025, SV730-3026, SV730-3027, SV730-3029, SV730-3031, SV730-3033, SV730-3034, SV730-3036, SV730-3037, SV730-3038, SV730-3039, SV730-3041, SV730-3042, SV730-3043, SV730-3044, SV730-3045, SV730-3046, SV730-3047, SV730-3048, SV730-3049, SV730-3050, SV730-3051, SV730-3054, SV735-0001, SV735-0002, SV735-0010, SV735-0011, SV735-0012, SV735-0013, SV735-0014, SV735-0015, SV735-0016, SV735-0017, SV735-0018, SV735-0019, SV735-0020, SV735-3001, SV735-3002, SV735-3014, SV735-3016, SV735-3017, SV735-3018, SV735-3019, SV735-3020, SV735-3021, SV735-3022, SV735-3024, SV735-3025, SV735-3026, SV735-3027, SV735-3028, SV735-3029, SV735-3030, SV735-3031, SV735-3032, SV735-3033, SV735-3034, SV735-3035, SV740-0001, SV740-0002, SV740-0010, SV740-0011, SV740-0012, SV740-0013, SV740-0014, SV740-0015, SV740-0016, SV740-0019, SV740-0020, SV740-0021, SV740-0024, SV740-0040, SV740-3002, SV740-3011, SV740-3019, SV740-3021, SV740-3024, SV740-3025, SV740-3026, SV740-3028