2805 - Foam Prefilter 7-1/2" L X 2-1/2" W X 1-7/8" H


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2805 - Foam Prefilter 7-1/2" L X 2-1/2" W X 1-7/8" H is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 2805 Wrap (Prefilter)

HEIGHT = 1-7/8"
LENGTH = 7-1/2"
WIDTH = 2-1/2"

For Another Prefilter Option, Click 7726

Used with Filter, Click 6684


  • HONDA: 17218-888-003, 17218ZE6505, 1067149, 17218-ZE6-505, 17218-ZG9-M00, 17218-ZG9-MOO, 5213293, CODE 1067149, CODE 4010070, CODE 5213293

  • LASER: 93114

  • OREGON: 30-933


  • HONDA: 17210-ZE7-013, GV150K1 A1D, GV200 N10, GV200 N1A, GV200 N1B, GV200 N40, GV200 N4C, GV200 N50, GXV120 A14, GXV120 A1LA, GXV120 N1, GXV120 N14, GXV120 N2, GXV120 N24, GXV120 N2CA, GXV140 N2TA, GXV140 N2TB, GXV160 A12, GXV160 A1L, GXV160 A1L2, GXV160 N12, GXV160 N1E2, GXV160 N42, GXV160 N62, GXV160H2 T1AH, GXV160UH2 A12, GXV160UH2 A14, GXV160UH2 A1AS, GXV160UH2 A1S, GXV160UH2 A1SA, GXV160UH2 A1T, GXV160UH2 A1TT, GXV160UH2 N1, GXV160UH2 N12, GXV160UH2 N15, GXV160UH2 N1AH, GXV160UH2 N1F, GXV160UH2 N1F1, GXV160UH2 N1F2, GXV160UH2 N1MH, GXV160UH2 N4, GXV160UH2 N45, GXV160UH2 N55, GXV160UH2 N5AH, GXV160UH2 N5M, GXV160UH2 SFL, GXV160UH2 SFL1, GXV160UH2 SFL2, GXV160UH2 SFY, GXV160UH2 SFY1, GXV160UH2 T1AH, GXV160UH2 T1AT, GXV160UH2 TBE, HP400 BA, HP400K1 BA, HP400K3 BA/A, HP400K3 BA/B, HP400K3 BA/C, HR195 PDA, HR195 SXA, HR21-5 SDA, HR21-5 SDAM, HR215 HMA, HR215 HXA, HR215 PXA, HR215 SMA, HR215 SXA, HR215K1 HMA, HR215K1 HXA, HR215K1 SXA, HR216 SXA, HR21K2 PDAM, HR21K2 SXA, HR21K2 SXAM, HRA21 SDA, HRA21 SDAW, HRA215 PDA, HRA215 SXA, HRA216 SXA, HRB215 PXA, HRB215 SXA, HRB215K1 PXA, HRB215K1 SXA, HRB215K2 HXA, HRB215K2 PXA, HRB215K2 SDA, HRB215K2 SXA, HRB215K3 HXA, HRB215K3 HXA/A, HRB215K3 SDA, HRB215K3 SXA, HRB215K3 SXA/A, HRB215K4 HXA, HRB215K4 HXA/A, HRB215K4 SDA, HRB215K4 SXA, HRB215K4 SXA/A, HRC215 PXA, HRC215K1 PDA, HRC215K1 SDA, HRC215K1 SXA, HRC216 HXA, HRC216 SXA, HRC216K3 HXA, HRM195 PA, HRM215 PXA, HRM215 SXA, HRM215K1 PDA, HRM215K1 PXA, HRM215K1 SDA, HRM215K1 SXA, HRM215K2 HXA, HRM215K2 PDA, HRM215K2 PXA, HRM215K2 SDA, HRM215K2 SXA, HRM215K3 HXA, HRM215K3 HXA/A, HRM215K3 PDA, HRM215K3 SDA, HRM215K3 SXA, HRM215K3 SXA/A, HRM215K4 HXA, HRM215K4 HXA/A, HRM215K4 PDA, HRM215K4 SDA, HRM215K4 SXA, HRM215K4 SXA/A