43135 Western Fisher 1-3/4" Lift Cylinder Gland Nut MVP3 Wideout Pro Plus HD XV2 XLS - OEM


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This is a Genuine OE 43135 Gland Nut for Lift Cylinder

This Gland Nut is used on both Western & Fisher 1-3/4" Lift Cylinders, this uses an O-Ring rather than compression packing. 

Used on Western Lift Cylinder 43149, for MVP3, Wideout (Gen 2), Wideout XL and Pro Plus HD plows.

Used on Fisher Lift Cylinder 43132, for XV2 V, Gen 2 XLS and HC plows. 

If you have a fluid seeping out of your lift cylinder at the chrome or at the top of the tank this is most commonly the fix.

If you need the split ring for these cylinders it is part # 43134.

 Alternate Part Numbers: 1-W43135, 1-F43135, 43135