6509 - Belt Blade 83.1"Length Murray


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The 6509 Blade Belt 1/2" X 83.1"

Glass Cord Construction with Bare Back Cover


  • LASER: 95600

  • MURRAY: 37X63, 037X63, 037X63A, 037X63MA, 37X63MA

  • OREGON: 75-063

  • PLP: 109-611

  • STENS: 265-577

Fits Models

  • MURRAY: 38" Cut, 12 HP, 387000x00A, 387000x92A, 387001x00A, 387002x83A, 387002x92A, 387002x92C, 387002x92D, 387002x92NA, 387003x8A, 387004x48A, 38710A, 38710B, 38710x52A, 38710x99A, 38711x20A, 38711x20B, 38711x20C, 38711x29A, 38711x29B, 38711x42A, 38711x44A, 38711x52A, 38711x66A, 38711x66C, 38711x67A, 38711x67B, 38711x67C, 38711x73A, 38711x73B, 38711x73C, 38711x96A, 38712x53A, 38712x66A, 38713x71A, 38714x51A, 38714x51B, 38715A, 38715B, 38715x82A, 38716x82A, 38717x53A, 39711x97A