6605 - Filter Air 3-3/8"X 4-1/2" Kohler


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6605 - Filter Air 3-3/8"X 4-1/2" Kohler is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 6605 Air Filter

HEIGHT = 2-13/16"
OD = 4-1/2"
ID = 3-3/8"

For the Kohler OE Version, Click 1208305S

Uses Prefilter, Click 6606 or Kohler OEM Prefilter 1208308S


  • JOHN DEERE: AM-121608, GY20574, M92359, AM121608

  • KOHLER: 12-083-05-S, 12 083 03, 12 083 04, 12 083 05, 12 083 05-S, 12 083 05-S1, 12 083 14, 12 883 05-S1, 12-083-05, 12-083-05-S1, 12-883-05-S1, 1208305S


  • LESCO: 50585

  • OREGON: 30-085, 30-815

  • PLP: 101-322

  • PRIME LINE: 7-02713

  • STENS: 100-941

Fits Models

  • JOHN DEERE: 11, 12-1/2 & 14 HP Vertical, AM121608, M92359, Model STX 38

  • KOHLER: 11, 12-1/2, & 14 HP Vertical OHV Command Engines on Snapper, CV11-1101, CV11-1102, CV11-1103, CV11-1104, CV11-1105, CV11-1112, CV11-1113, CV12.5 1278, CV12.5-1201, CV12.5-1202, CV12.5-1203, CV12.5-1204, CV12.5-1205, CV12.5-1206, CV12.5-1210, CV12.5-1211, CV12.5-1213, CV12.5-1214, CV12.5-1215, CV12.5-1216, CV12.5-1217, CV12.5-1218, CV12.5-1219, CV12.5-1220, CV12.5-1223, CV12.5-1224, CV12.5-1225, CV12.5-1227, CV12.5-1229, CV12.5-1230, CV12.5-1235, CV12.5-1237, CV12.5-1240, CV12.5-1241, CV12.5-1242, CV12.5-1243, CV12.5-1245, CV12.5-1246, CV12.5-1247, CV12.5-1248, CV12.5-1249, CV12.5-1250, CV12.5-1251, CV12.5-1252, CV12.5-1253, CV12.5-1254, CV12.5-1255, CV12.5-1256, CV12.5-1257, CV12.5-1258, CV12.5-1259, CV12.5-1260, CV12.5-1261, CV12.5-1262, CV12.5-1263, CV12.5-1264, CV12.5-1265, CV12.5-1266, CV12.5-1268, CV12.5-1269, CV12.5-1270, CV12.5-1274, CV12.5-1275, CV12.5-1276, CV12.5-1277, CV12.5-1280, CV12.5-1281, CV12.5-1282, CV12.5-1287, CV12.5-1290, CV12.5-1291, CV13-21509, CV13-21510, CV13-21514, CV13-21516, CV13-21519, CV13-21521, CV13-21525, CV13-21531, CV13-21532, CV13-21533, CV14-1401, CV14-1402, CV14-1403, CV14-1404, CV14-1405, CV14-1406, CV14-1408, CV14-1410, CV14-14100, CV14-14101, CV14-14106, CV14-14107, CV14-14108, CV14-1412, CV14-1413, CV14-1414, CV14-1415, CV14-1416, CV14-1417, CV14-1418, CV14-1419, CV14-1420, CV14-1422, CV14-1423, CV14-1424, CV14-1425, CV14-1426, CV14-1427, CV14-1428, CV14-1429, CV14-1430, CV14-1431, CV14-1432, CV14-1433, CV14-1434, CV14-1436, CV14-1437, CV14-1438, CV14-1441, CV14-1443, CV14-1444, CV14-1445, CV14-1446, CV14-1447, CV14-1448, CV14-1449, CV14-1450, CV14-1451, CV14-1452, CV14-1453, CV14-1454, CV14-1456, CV14-1458, CV14-1460, CV14-1461, CV14-1462, CV14-1463, CV14-1464, CV14-1465, CV14-1466, CV14-1467, CV14-1468, CV14-1469, CV14-1470, CV14-1472, CV14-1473, CV14-1474, CV14-1475, CV14-1476, CV14-1477, CV14-1478, CV14-1479, CV14-1480, CV14-1481, CV14-1482, CV14-1484, CV14-1486, CV14-1490, CV14-1491, CV14-1499, CV15-41508, CV15-41509, CV15-41510, CV15-41511, CV15-41514, CV15-41515, CV15-41518, CV15-41519, CV15-41520, CV15-41521, CV15-41522, CV15-41523, CV15-41525, CV15-41526, CV15-41527, CV15-41528, CV15-41530, CV15-41531, CV15-41535, CV15-41536, CV15-41537, CV15-41538, CV15-41539, CV15-41540, CV15-41541, CV15-41543, CV15-41545, CV15-41548, CV15-41549, CV15-41550, CV15-41551, CV15-41554, CV15-41555, CV15-41556, CV15-41558, CV15-41562, CV15-41564, CV15-41565, CV15-41566, CV15-41567, CV15-41570, CV15-41571, CV15-41572, CV15-41574, CV15-41576, CV15-41577, CV15-41578, CV15-41580, CV15-41584, CV15-41586, CV15-41587, CV15-41588, CV15-41590, CV15-41592, CV15-41593, CV15-41594, CV15-41596, CV15-41597, CV15-41598, CV15-41599, CV15-41602, CV15-41603, CV15-41606, CV15-41610, CV15-41611, CV15-41613, CV15-41614, CV15-41615, CV15-41618, CV15-41622, CV16-43509, CV16-43510, CV16-43511, CV16-43512, CV16-43513, CV16-43514, CV16-43515, CV16-43517, CV16-43518, CV16-43522, CV16-43525, CV16-43526, CV16-43528, CV16-43530, CV16-43531