6681 - Filter Oil Honda


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The 6681 Oil Filter

OD = 3-1/4"
THREAD SIZE = 20 X 1.5mm
HEIGHT = 3.1940"
MICRONS = 25/30


  • HONDA: 15400-PLM-A01PE, 15400-PR3-004, 15400-P0H-305, 15400-679-023, 15410-MJ0-004, 15410-ZJ4-999AH, 15410MJ0405, 1384445, 15400-PT7-005, 15410-MJO-003, 15410-MJO-405, 5038781, GXV340K1 DA23, GXV340K1 DET3, GXV340K1 DN3, GXV340K1 DNE3, GXV340K2 DA23, GXV340K2 DET3, GXV340K2 DN3, GXV340K2 DNE3, GXV390 DA23, GXV390 DET3, GXV390 DN3, GXV390 DNE3, GXV390K1 DA23

  • JOHN DEERE: AM-101378, M806418, AM100750, AM101378

  • KUBOTA: 70000-15241

  • LASER: 93099

  • OREGON: 83-301

  • STENS: OF2102, 120-360

  • TROY-BILT: 1874139

  • YANMAR: 129150-35150, 2V78C-JA, 2V78C-JB, 3TB66-UJ2, 3TG72-EJMA, 3TNA72-UJ2F, 3TNA72-UJ3, 3TNA72C-EUJ2F, 3TNE74-CJLT, 3TNE74-EJKN, 3TNM72, 3TNM72-BJLT, 3TNM74F-NBJLT, 3TNM74F-NCJT, 3TNV70-AJUV, 3TNV70-BJUV, 3TNV76, 3TNV76-DJMA, 3TNV76-XCJLT, 3TNV76-XJKH, 3TNV76-XJKV, 3TNV76-XJLT, 3TNV76-XJTE, 3TNV76-XJUV, 3TNV80F, 3TNV80F-NDJME, 3TNV80F-NXCJMZ


  • HONDA: GX360K1 (Water Cooled) Engines, Tractor Models 3813 & 4514. Honda Code 3481355, BF115A1 LA, BF115A1 LCA, BF115A1 XA, BF115A1 XCA, BF115A2 LA, BF115A2 LCA, BF115A2 XA, BF115A2 XCA, BF115AX LA, BF115AX LCA, BF115AX XA, BF115AX XCA, BF115AY LA, BF115AY LCA, BF115AY XA, BF115AY XCA, BF130A1 LA, BF130A1 LCA, BF130A1 XA, BF130A1 XCA, BF130A2 LA, BF130A2 LCA, BF130A2 XA, BF130A2 XCA, BF130AX LA, BF130AX LCA, BF130AX XA, BF130AX XCA, BF130AY LA, BF130AY LCA, BF130AY XA, BF130AY XCA, EB11000 A, H6522 A2, H6522 A2/A, H6522 A2H, H6522 A4, H6522 A4/A, H6522 A4H, H6522 A4H/A, HRC7013K1 ZXA, HRC7018 ZXA, HRC7020 ZMA

  • JOHN DEERE: 1023E, 1025R, 1026R, 1420, 1435, 1550, 2025R, 2026R, 2030A, 2210, 2305, 2320, 322, 330, 332, 355D, 415, 430, 455, 655, 670, 755, F735, F912, F915, F925, F932, F935, GX355, X495, X595, X740, X744, X748, X749, X750, X754, X758, X940, X948, X949, X950R, XUV850D, XUV855E, XUV855M, Z994R