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6690 - Filter Air & Prefilter 4"X 2-7/8" Honda


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The 6690 Air Filter and Prefilter

HEIGHT = 2-5/8"
WIDTH = 2-7/8"

Uses Prefilter, Click 6691

Honda Code #2893881


  • HONDA: 17210-ZE1-505, 17210-ZE1-507, 17210-ZE1-517, 17210-ZE1-821, 17210-ZE1-822, 17210-Z4M-821, 17210-24M-821

  • LASER: 93011

  • LESCO: 50625

  • OREGON: 30-404

  • PRIME LINE: 7-02262

  • STENS: 100-784

Fits Models

  • HONDA: GX110, GX120, GX140, GX160 (3-1/2, 5 & 5-1/2 HP) Engines, 520 MODELS, 595 MODELS, EG2200X A, EG2200X AR, EG2500XK1 A/A, EG2500XK1 A/B, EG2500XK1 A/C, EG2500XK1 A/D, EG2500XK1 AC, EG2500XK1 AN, EZ2500 A, F501 A1, F501 A1R, F501 A2, F501K1 A1, F501K1 A2, F501K2 A1, F501K2 A2, F501K2 AC1, F501K2 AC1/A, F501K2 AC1/B, F501K2 AC2, FC600 A, FC600 AC, FC600 AN, FC600K1 A, FR600 A, FR600 AC/A, FR600 AC/B, FR600 AC/C, FR600 AC/D, FR650 AC, FR750 AC, FR750 AC/A, GX110 QXC, GX120K1 KRS5, GX120K1 KRS6, GX120K1 L1, GX120K1 L1/A, GX120K1 Q1, GX120K1 Q1/A, GX120K1 QXC, GX120K1 QXC9, GX120K1 QXC9/A, GX120K1 R1, GX120K1 S1, GX120K1 S1/A, GX120RT2 KRF4, GX120RT2 KRS4, GX120U1 KRF4, GX120U1 KRS4, GX120U1 KRS5, GX120U1 KRS6, GX120U1 QXC9, GX120UT1 KRS4, GX120UT1 KRS5, GX120UT1 KRS6, GX120UT1 KRSB, GX120UT1 QXC9, GX120UT2 QXC9, GX140 HX, GX140 LX, GX140 QX, GX140 QXA, GX140 QXE, GX140 QXF, GX140 QXS, GX140 RH, GX140 STP, GX140 STQ, GX140 STR, GX140 TX, GX140 VA, GX140 VH, GX140 VX, GX160H1 QX2, GX160K1 HB24, GX160K1 HG1, GX160K1 HG12, GX160K1 HG12/A, GX160K1 HX, GX160K1 HX/A, GX160K1 HX/B, GX160K1 HX2, GX160K1 HX2/A, GX160K1 HX2/B, GX160K1 HXE2, GX160K1 HXE2/A, GX160K1 HXE2/B, GX160K1 HXQ, GX160K1 L1, GX160K1 L1/A, GX160K1 LAX2, GX160K1 LX, GX160K1 LX/A, GX160K1 LX/B, GX160K1 LX2, GX160K1 LX2/A, GX160K1 LX2/B, GX160K1 PX, GX160K1 PX/A, GX160K1 PX/B, GX160K1 PX2, GX160K1 Q1, GX160K1 Q1/A, GX160K1 QAX, GX160K1 QAX2, GX160K1 QAX2/A, GX160K1 QAX2/B, GX160K1 QBC2, GX160K1 QBC2/A, GX160K1 QBC2/B, GX160K1 QBT2, GX160K1 QCB2, GX160K1 QCB2/A, GX160K1 QCB2/B, GX160K1 QCL, GX160K1 QCL/A, GX160K1 QCL/B, GX160K1 QGR2, GX160K1 QGR2/A, GX160K1 QGR2/B, GX160K1 QGR9, GX160K1 QGR9/A, GX160K1 QGR9/B, GX160K1 QH2, GX160K1 QH2/A, GX160K1 QI2, GX160K1 QI2/A, GX160K1 QI2/B, GX160K1 QMX2, GX160K1 QMX2/A, GX160K1 QMZ2, GX160K1 QS2, GX160K1 QS2/A, GX160K1 QS2/B, GX160K1 QSC2, GX160K1 QSC2/A, GX160K1 QSC9, GX160K1 QSC9/A, GX160K1 QSC9/B, GX160K1 QWM2, GX160K1 QWX2, GX160K1 QWX2/A, GX160K1 QWX2/B, GX160K1 QWX3, GX160K1 QX, GX160K1 QX/A, GX160K1 QX/B, GX160K1 QX2, GX160K1 QX2/A, GX160K1 QX2/B, GX160K1 QX22, GX160K1 QX22/A, GX160K1 QX22/B, GX160K1 QXC, GX160K1 QXC9, GX160K1 QXC9/A, GX160K1 QXC9/B, GX160K1 QXE2/A, GX160K1 QXE2/B, GX160K1 QXF2/A, GX160K1 QXF2/B, GX160K1 QXS2/A, GX160K1 QXS2/B, GX160K1 R1, GX160K1 R1/A, GX160K1 RH2/A, GX160K1 RH2/B, GX160K1 RHA2/A, GX160K1 RMG2/A, GX160K1 RMG2/B, GX160K1 RTB2/A, GX160K1 RTB2/B, GX160K1 RX/A, GX160K1 RX/B, GX160K1 RXE2/A