6693 - Foam Prefilter 4" L X 3-1/2" W X 3-1/8" H


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6693 - Foam Prefilter 4" L X 3-1/2" W X 3-1/8" H is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 6693 Wrap (Prefilter)

HEIGHT = 3-1/8"
WIDTH = 3-1/2"

Used with Filter, Click 6692

Honda Code #2538429


  • HONDA: 17218-ZE2-821, 17218ZE2505, 17218-ZE2-505, 2538429, 5196308, CODE 5196308

  • OREGON: 30-934


  • HONDA: 333 MODELS, 393 MODELS, EG3500X A, EG3500X AR, EG3500XK1 A/A, EG3500XK1 A/B, EG3500XK1 A/C, EG3500XK1 AC, EG3500XK1 AN, EN3500 A, EZ3500 A, EZ3500 A/A, FR800 A, FR800 AC/A, FR800 AC/B, FR800 AC/C, GX240 HA, GX240 LA, GX240 PA, GX240 QA, GX240 QAE, GX240 QAE0, GX240 RA, GX240 STP, GX240 STQ, GX240 VA, GX240K1 HA, GX240K1 HA2, GX240K1 HA2/A, GX240K1 HAQ, GX240K1 LX2, GX240K1 LX2/A, GX240K1 PA, GX240K1 PA2, GX240K1 PA2/A, GX240K1 PAE, GX240K1 PMT2, GX240K1 PMT2/A, GX240K1 QA, GX240K1 QA2, GX240K1 QA2/A, GX240K1 QAB2, GX240K1 QAB2/A, GX240K1 QAE, GX240K1 QAE2, GX240K1 QAE2/A, GX240K1 QAG, GX240K1 QAG/A, GX240K1 QAG2, GX240K1 QAG2/A, GX240K1 QAQ, GX240K1 QAR2, GX240K1 QAR2/A, GX240K1 QC12, GX240K1 QC12/A, GX240K1 QHB2, GX240K1 QMX2, GX240K1 QTC2, GX240K1 QTC2/A, GX240K1 QW24, GX240K1 RA, GX240K1 RA2, GX240K1 RA2/A, GX240K1 RSC2, GX240K1 RTB2, GX240K1 RTB2/A, GX240K1 SMX2, GX240K1 SMX2/A, GX240K1 VA, GX240K1 VA2, GX240K1 VA2/A, GX240K1 VAH1, GX240K1 VDG2, GX240K1 VDG2/A, GX240K1 VH12, GX240K1 VH12/A, GX240K1 VTA, GX240K1 VTA2, GX240K1 VTA2/A, GX240K1 VXP, GX240K1 VXP/A, GX240R1 VTA2, GX240RT1 VTA2, GX240U1 HA2, GX240U1 HHQ4, GX240U1 HXQ4, GX240U1 LHE4, GX240U1 LX2, GX240U1 LXQ4, GX240U1 PA2, GX240U1 PMT2, GX240U1 QA2, GX240U1 QA4, GX240U1 QAB2, GX240U1 QAE2, GX240U1 QAG, GX240U1 QAG2, GX240U1 QAR2, GX240U1 QC12, GX240U1 QE, GX240U1 QHB2, GX240U1 QHQ4, GX240U1 QTC2, GX240U1 QW24, GX240U1 QXE4, GX240U1 QXQ4, GX240U1 QXU, GX240U1 RA2, GX240U1 RHQ4, GX240U1 RTB2, GX240U1 RXQ4, GX240U1 SE, GX240U1 SMX2, GX240U1 SMX4, GX240U1 SXE4, GX240U1 SXQ4, GX240U1 SXU, GX240U1 VA2, GX240U1 VDG2, GX240U1 VH12, GX240U1 VTA2, GX240U1 VX2, GX240U1 VXQ4, GX240U1 VXQ7, GX240U1 VXU1, GX240U2 LX2, GX240U2 PMT2, GX240U2 QA2, GX240U2 QA4, GX240U2 SMX2, GX240U2 SMX4, GX240U2 WKK2, GX240U2 WKK4, GX240U2 WKT2, GX240UT1 HA2, GX240UT1 LX2, GX240UT1 PA2, GX240UT1 QA2, GX240UT1 QAE2, GX240UT1 QAG2, GX240UT1 QAR2, GX240UT1 QHB2, GX240UT2 HA2, GX240UT2 LX2, GX240UT2 PA2, GX240UT2 QA2, GX240UT2 QAE2, GX240UT2 QAG2, GX240UT2 QAR2, GX240UT2 QHB2, GX240UT2 QZA2, GX240UT2 QZAV, GX240UT2 RA2, GX240UT2 WKK2, GX240UT2 WKT2, GX270 HA, GX270 HA2, GX270 HA2/A, GX270 HAP, GX270 HAP/A, GX270 HAQ, GX270 HEA, GX270 HEA2, GX270 HEA2/A, GX270 PA, GX270 PA2, GX270 PA2/A