670 - Belt Cogged 3/8" X 25" Snapper


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SKU: 670

670 - Belt Cogged 3/8" X 25" Snapper is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 670 Cogged Belt 3/8" X 25"


  • LESCO: 50464


  • OREGON: 75-353

  • PLP: 109-707

  • SNAPPER: 1-2353, 12353, 7012353, 7012353YP

  • SNAPPER/KEES: 1-2353, 7012353, 7012353YP

  • STENS: 265-363

Fits Models

  • SNAPPER/KEES: 5 HP Commercial, 21350P, 21350PS, 21500PC, 21500PCR, 21R00PC, AP21507B, C21409R-2, C21509R, C21559BV, C21559BV-80301, C216012RV-82409, CP214012R2-84424, CP21401R2, CP21402R2-80903, CP21407R2, CP21409R-2, CP21500KWV, CP215013KWV-84667, CP21501KWV, CP21506R, CP21507B, CP21507R, CP21509R-80304, CP21550KWV, CP215512KWV-82408, CP21557BV, CP21559BV, CP216012RV-84646, CP216512RV-82409, CV212P, CV212PH, CVP21507B, CVP21507R, DP21357B, DP21407T, DP21407T-2, DP21409B, DP21500, DP21507B, DP21507BE, ECP21400R2, ECP21407R2, ECP21500KWV, ECP21501KWV, ECP21550V, ECP21559BV, EDP21400, EFRP21600TV, EFRP216012TV, EFRP216512TV, EFRP216516BV, EFRP216516TV, EMRP216014B, EMRP216015B, EP21400, EP21450, EP21500, EP21509B, EP21509BE, EP21550, EP21550E, EP21600, EP216012, EXP21500, EXP21500KWV-80587, EXP21501KWV-80498, EXP21550E, EXP21551VE, FRP21600TV, FRP216012, FRP216012E-82401, FRP216012TV, FRP216016, FRP216512TV, FRPS216015E-84287, G21500PC, GP21507B, GP21507BE, GPC21507B, GPC21507BV, MCRP215014KWV-84323, MCRP215015KWV-84645, MCRS215014KWV-84332, MP21357B, MP21507BE, MRP216014B, MRP216014T, MRP216015B, MRP216015BV, NFRP216012, NFRP216012E-82431, NFRP216012E-82549, NP216012, NRP21501, NRP215012, NRP21550E, ODP21379B, ODP21400, OP21407T-2