7245 - Belt Drive 30-3/16" Length Murray


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7245 - Belt Drive 30-3/16" Length Murray is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 7245 Drive Belt; Motor to Transaxle Belt 1/2" X 30-3/16"


  • MURRAY: 37X65, 037X64, 037X64A, 037X64MA, 037X65MA, 37X64, 37X65MA, MU37X65

  • PLP: 109-596

  • STENS: 265-265, 265-314

Fits Models

  • MURRAY: 25"& 30" Rear Engine Rider with Transaxle, 30500x92A, 30503x11A, 30504x92A, 30505x92A, 30540x20E, 30540x20F, 30540x20G, 30540x29A, 30540x29B, 30540x29D, 30540x66F, 30540x67A, 30540x67C, 30540x67D, 30540x67F, 30540x98A, 30540x98B, 30544x192A, 30544x92D, 30545x192A, 30545x92A, 30545x92B, 30546x199A, 30546x4A, 30546x99A, 30550E, 30550F, 30550G, 30550H, 30550x199A, 30550x30A, 30560D, 30560E, 30560F, 30560x20E, 30560x50A, 30560x50B, 30560x50C, 30560x51A, 30560x51B, 30560x51C, 30560x59A, 30560x5D, 30560x66B, 30560x70D, 30560x99A, 30565A, 30565B, 30575x31A, 30575x7A, 30575x8A, 30575x8B, 30575x8C, 30576x10B, 30576x10D, 30577X7A, 30577x31A, 30577x31B, 30577x8A