Aftermarket 12V Motor Slotted Counter Clockwise Two Terminal HYD9328


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This is an Aftermarket HYD9328 12V Slotted Counter Clockwise Two Terminal Motor.

This motor is used for both the Boss and Arctic plows

Replaces Arctic: FP8034, HD102-S, HD96-P, HD-96S, HDVTE108-P

Replaces Boss: HYD01563, HYD1563, SD90-P, SD90-S, HYD09328

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-22-722, 11-212-108, 11-212-721, AMJ4680, AMJ5667, IM0159, 15070, 15096, M15096, SNP4100, HYD1563, HYD01563-2, HYD01563, 1304720