Aftermarket Meyer (ABC) 5/8" Hole Coil with Connector 15916


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This is an Aftermarket Meyer 15916 (ABC) 5/8" Hole Coil with Connector. 

Used on E58H, E61H, E68 Xpress, E88 Xpress, E78 and V68 Pump units. These are the same for all the valves, one spare coil will work on all the valves making it more economical to carry a single spare. 

NOTE: The E58H had a new and old block, the 15916 is used on the old block. If you have the New block it would have a Black plastic coil, Click 15118

15967 Power Angling Block Replacement Conversion E47 / E57 to E58

 Alternate Part Numbers: 15916, M15916, 1306116