Snowdogg Snow Plow Illuminator LED Snowplow Headlights - 16160800


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Snowdogg Snow Plow Illuminator LED Snowplow Headlights - 16160800 is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

This is a Genuine Snowdogg OE 16160800 Illuminator LED Plow Lights

  • Twice as bright as standard halogen lights at half the power consumption.

  • Long-lasting LEDs can go years without being replaced.

  • Active Defrosting Technology keeps lights from icing up.

  • The whole lens is heated evenly to prevent the banding/streaking common in other heated LED lights.

  • Works with ALL new and existing Snowdogg plows.

SnowDogg Illuminator LED Plow Lights are strong enough to punch through dark nights and blinding blizzards. Full LED power is over twice as bright as traditional halogens and lasts longer, providing years of light without having to change a bulb. Active Defrosting Technology keeps the lights from icing up as the temperatures drop, and since the whole lens is heated evenly it prevents the banding and streaking common in other LED plow lights. This means 100% of the Illuminator's light shines through.

Illuminators work with all existing SnowDogg plows and plug right into your current wiring harness, making it easy to upgrade.